Aritificial Unintelligence

How to Play

Artificial Unintelligence is an online multiplayer game where players compete against each other to create the funniest AI-generated images in response to amusing prompts.

Some prompts you might encounter:

The game is inspired by party games like Jackbox Party Pack's Quiplash, Onrizon's Garticphone, and Avi Moondra's Fishbowl Game.

If you've ever played the game, "Quiplash" from Jackbox Party Pack, you can think of Artificial Unintelligence as the same game but rather than answering with text, you answer with images!

Starting a game of Artificial Unintelligence will create a room with a unique room code and an invite link to join the room. The player who starts the game and creates the room is also known as the room's "host."

Artificial Unintelligence lobby and invite link
The room lobby where players meet before starting a game.

The host can share the unique invite link with other prospective players to have them join their room.

To share the invite link: press the "Invite Players" button to copy the link to your clipboard or open the share menu, depending on which device you are playing on.

Once at least 3 players are in the room (max of 8 players), the game is allowed to begin, initiated by the host of the room.

A game consists of three rounds, and each round is split into two phases:

  1. Generation
  2. Face-Off

Generation Phase

During the "Generation" phase, each player will be given two prompts. These prompts will be the basis for the AI-generated images the players create. Each of the two prompts a player receives is shared with another player in the game. Once all players create and submit images for their two assigned prompts, the game transitions to the "Face-Off" phase where the image generations compete against whichever counterpart shared the same original prompt.

Artificial Unintelligence prompt screen
The entered text is transformed into an image.

To generate an image, describe an interesting picture within the provided text input and press the submit button. After a few seconds, two images based on your description will appear. You can decide to either submit one of these images as a response to the prompt or generate a new set of two images with a new description. You can generate a maximum of 3 extra sets of images per question, so make them count!

Artificial Unintelligence image prompt screen
You can select between two generated images.
To submit an image, click or tap on the image you want to appear in the face-off and then press the submit button.

Face-Off Phase

The "Face-Off" phase showcases all of the player-submitted images in 1v1 duels where all players excluding those who have an image in the duel vote on which one is the funniest.

Artificial Unintelligence image voting screen
Players outside of the ones who generated the images vote.
To vote on an image, click or tap on the image and then press the "Confirm Vote" button.

Once all votes have been tallied for a duel, the winner and the original prompts the players used to generate the images are revealed.

Artificial Unintelligence voting results screen
The winning image is highlighted while all of the original prompts are shown.

For each 1% of the votes a player's image receives in the duel, they will receive 10 points (e.g. if an image receives 50% of the votes, 500 points will be awarded to the player who submitted the image).

Once all duels have been completed for the round, the game will return to the "Generation" phase until a total of 3 rounds have been completed.

Scoring and Winning the Game

Once 3 rounds have been completed, all points are tallied up from the votes the players garnered and the player with the most points at the end wins the game.

Artificial Unintelligence winning images screen
See the end-game leaderboard.
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